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Amina Christy


My name is Amina Christy and what you’re about to discover will change the way you think about your treating ovarian cysts forever.

Here’s just a few examples of the kind of results:

Bilateral Complex Ovarian Cysts Shrinking

I have cysts on both ovaries. 3.6cm on the left and 4.2cm on the right. They are excruciatingly painful, and I've been taking asprin for months to take the edge off the pain.

I've been offered a laparoscopy, but I wanted to try something natural before doing anything drastic.

It's only been 14 weeks and I have to say, CystClear is really helping me manage the pain. My last ultrasound showed a small reduction in size (0.3cm left, 0.5cm right).

Very encouraging results so far. I will continue taking it to see whether I get more shrinkage.

Ruth Sarpong, Amsterdam, Netherlands



Regular Periods And No More Monthly Pains!

I've been suffering from this condition for over 7 years. I used to get this dull ache in my pelvis in the middle of my cycle, which would not go away with painkillers. My cycle was also erratic, and sometimes I even missed a period.

A friend of mine said I should get myself checked out, and an ultrasound confirmed ovarian cysts. I was worried, not just because of the pain, but I want to have a family next year.

So when my doctor suggested oral contraceptives, I said no way. That's when I found your products. My next cycle was almost pain free, and it took I took about 3 months before I noticed my periods were more regular.

Now I am completely pain free, and I am looking forward to having a baby. What else do you recommend?

Marie Renault, Aude, France



Thank You – I Am Pregnant It Really Does Work!

When I was having problems getting pregnant 3 years ago, I went for a checkup and found it was because of ovarian cysts, and even though they were not cancerous, I was worried that I would never be able to have a baby naturally.

I was terrified at the thought of surgery because of side effects from anesthetic, and I also read somewhere that they can cause scarring to the ovaries and fallopian tubes, and I wanted to avoid that.

My fiance and I looked at a lot of alternative treatments, but none of them made sense to us. We finally decided to see a kinesiologist, who recommended we try your herbal formula, alongside a body cleanse and nutritional supplements.

I noticed a change after my second cycle. Instead of 38, 45 days, my period came after just 29 days, and with no pain or any symptoms. The third cycle was also very nice, and I was very pleased with the results.

When my period didn’t come the fourth time, I thought something was wrong. The lady I was seeing for treatments told me to take a pregnancy test, and guess what? I AM PREGNANT!!!!

Sarah Millington, London UK



11 Weeks Pregnant – Even With PCOS

I have had PCOS since I was 24 and since then I have gained 40 pounds. My hair got really thin and I developed thick black hairs on my chin, and really bad adult acne.

2 years ago, my symptoms got worse, as I stopped menstruating altogether. My husband and I really want to start a family, and the options we were offered by my doctor did not seem hopeful.

Last September friend of mine who had recently gotten pregnant naturally with your products suggested that I give you a call, and I spoke to a very nice lady who suggested some products to help me reduce my weight, so that I could ovulate naturally.

I did the Body Cleansing, and used CarboClear, CraveEx and the Wulong Oolong tea for 3 months, and ate a healthy diet with gentle exercise. When I lost 28 pounds, and my period came back, I knew this was the right thing for me to do, so I emailed to ask whether there was anything else I could try.

It was my lucky day, because you had just started to sell CystClear so I bought 3 bottles as a Christmas present to myself. Well, 6 weeks later I started to feel tired, and my breasts got swollen. I took a home pregnancy test, and it was positive! I can’t describe how great this feels!

I’m 11 weeks pregnant, and my hair has started to grow back, thank to you and your wonderful products.

God Bless,

Beverly Thompson, Romford, UK




You see, I’m a herbalist and medical researcher who wants to share with you a list of herbs scientifically proven – by doctors, scientists and medical researchers – to shrink ovarian cysts, and reduce the symptoms of ovarian cysts rapidly.

It’s common knowledge amongst medical professionals that one of the causes of ovarian cysts is a hormonal imbalance.

This is why some women with ovarian cysts are prescribed oral contraceptives to manage the symptoms, and shrink the cysts.

Some cysts do not respond to drugs, so they are either told to wait and see what happens with the cysts, or undergo risky surgical procedures, to remove the ovarian cysts.

Thankfully, there is a natural alternative to these treatment. These are herbs, which have been used for hundreds - and in some civilizations - thousands of years, to treat reproductive disorders such as ovarian cysts.

What’s more, modern research has confirmed that herbs work, and double-blind clinical studies put the herbs through the strictest and most vigorous testing, and have also confirmed these herbs help you conceive faster.

Here’s just a few of these findings:

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

licorice ovarian cystsLicorice is commonly used to balance hormones and reduce testosterone levels in women suffering cysts, and scientific studies have shown it can reduce testosterone levels in women suffering symptoms of hyperandrogenism (excess male hormones) such as infertility, irregular periods, long cycles (oligomenorrhea), luteal phase defect, and amenorrhea.

OB-GYNs at the University of Tokyo found that glycyrrhizin – an active component in licorice and peony was effective in reducing testosterone produced by the ovaries in animal studies. This was also confirmed by Scientists at the Tsumura Research Institute for Pharmacology, who found that one of the active compounds in licorice, glycyrrhetinic acid prevented an enzyme that converts other enzymes into testosterone.

Peony (Paeonia lactiflora)

peony for ovarian cystPeony has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat menstrual disorders. In fact, medical researchers at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan found that a herbal formula containing Peony improved 90% of the symptoms of women suffering hypermenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

The active component of Peony is paeoniflorin, which has been scientifically proven by researchers at Shimane Medical University, Japan, to help the ovaries convert testosterone into estradiol, when combined with licorice. It was also reported in the International Journal of Fertility And Menopausal Studies that the licorice and peony root combination increased pregnancy rates in women with PCOS.

false unicorn root pcosFalse Unicorn Root has been used for hundreds of years in Native American medicine to improve the health of the female reproductive system, and to regulate periods and improve the fertility. It is also used in Chinese medicine to balance progesterone levels, increase fertility and regulate menstruation.

In European medicine, it is used to treat PCOS and normalize ovarian function, as it is rich in steroidal saponins. Saponins are plant compounds with a similar molecular structure to our hormones, and help to balance estrogen levels. The British Herbal Medical Association also recommend false unicorn root for preventing miscarriage.

Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa)

black cohosh ovary cystsBlack Cohosh is often used by herbalists to help women with ovarian cysts and PCOS to balance hormones and menstrual cycles. It has been used in Native American medicine to treat reproductive disorders such as amenorrhea and infertility. In Chinese medicine black cohosh is also used to treat infertility and Premenstrual Syndrome.

Pharmocologists at the University La Sapienza found that black cohosh was effective in treating menstrual distress and reducing inflammation. Researchers at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center found that the phytoestrogens in black cohosh reduced menstrual migraines in 54% of women. It is regarded by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York as safe, with no significant adverse drug interactions, and this was also confirmed by the Institute for Natural Products Research in Marine, St. Croix.

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens)

saw palmetto pcos and ovarian cystsSaw Palmetto has been used for hundreds of years in South American medicine, and is currently used to treat hormone-related disorders in both men and women. It is reported to control testosterone levels (which worsen conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) by preventing hormones from being converted into testosterone, and preventing testosterone from being used by the cells.

Saw palmetto is beneficial for Women with PCOS, as it can reduce male hormone levels. Excess male hormones can cause a range of symptoms such as facial and by hair, acne and hair loss. A 2006 report in the Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine confirmed a 60% effectiveness in treating hormone-related hair loss. It was also reported by Dermatologists at the Medical University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria to reduce the greasiness of oily skin and spots by as much 42%

If you’re serious about getting rid of ovarian cysts quickly and want to do it the natural way – without drugs, surgery or side effects, I urge you to give these herbs a try.

And Now You Can Take Herbal Remedies
The Easy Way

People with a lot of time on their hands can buy each herb separately and boil them up three times a day to create a potent mixture of herbs that will help them get pregnant in the fastest time possible.

Others steep their herbs in alcohol (this takes several days and can be a little messy if you don’t know what you’re doing) and take the herbs every day in the form of tinctures.

That’s great if you have the time, money, equipment and expertise to measure and process the herbs (that’s if you can find them all in the first place.)

Even though I’m a Master Herbalist, I run a very busy practice and don’t have time to mix and process herbs for every single one of my clients… I don’t know about you!

That’s why I’ve contacted a small manufacturer to find and process the herbal formula for me, so I can provide them to my clients in an easy and convenient to use format.

The trouble is, the manufacturer requires me to order them in bulk and since I don’t have hundreds of clients with the same condition, I have a supply of the herbal formula left over, which I would like to share with you.

We’ve blended all the herbs into a formula that I call CystClear. This way, I can help my clients without wasting countless hours boiling up and mixing the herbs.

It’s also easier to take the herbs in capsule format, as the capsules don’t have any taste and are easy to swallow, compared with the stinky and foul-testing herbs you have to boil up and drink in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There’s only a limited supply, and as soon as the rest of the formula is gone, I won’t be ordering any more until my own personal stock runs out.

This means I can’t promise CystClear will still be available if you decide to put off getting the herbs until later.

The price of the herbs are $67 for a one-month supply. It’s an incredible opportunity to get all the herbs scientists have proven to increase your chances of conceiving.

But, as soon as the supply has been sold out, it might be months before you’re able to get the herbs again, so please consider this before putting off your purchase.

So Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Your Ovarian Cysts Now?

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I wish you the very best in your healing journey.

To your success,

Amina Biotanical Health

Amina Christy
Master Herbalist
Medical Researcher


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